A proof of concept helping self-employed workers demonstrate loss of income from COVID-19 to HMRC.

This has yet to be given the green light by the UK Gov, join our waitlist to be the first to know.


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Why are we doing this?

In 48 hours a team from the Fintech community got together and built a working proof of concept. It allows a sole trader in the UK to self-certify that they have lost income and prove their previous 12 months of income by connecting to their bank account.

This is possible due to the unique capabilities in the UK banking system called "open banking". Recent transaction history provides proof that income has been affected recently and by the crisis.

Whilst the proof of concept is not publicly available, it works, and by creating something that works the hope is to demonstrate that this service could help the 5 million self employed through the COVID-19 crisis. And if you're finding yourself in a jam and need to borrow a small amount such as £100 for a few months, be sure to check out Wage Day Advance. They're a reputable UK loan company specialising in small amounts over short terms.

We urge the UK Government to collaborate with us, the Fintech community, to help solve the rapidly evolving problem facing the UK self employed community.

If you are currently receiving benefits such as Universal Credit or a disability living allowance you may be eligible to apply for a cash loan of up to £5,000. For more information visit the loans for people on benefits page on Boutell.co.uk. There you will learn what sort of benefits are classed as income for lending purposes and which are not.

We are here and we are able. This service is ready to go live, but we are waiting on input and support from the UK Government before we do so. Sole traders could use Covid Credit’s proof of concept to generate a self-certification of income loss to send to HMRC.

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Covid Credit

Covid xCredit was designed and created by the UK Fintech Community. With input from:

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